Asian equities are up on indications that the U.S. Fed is slowing down and China is boosting its economy

The dollar failed to recover losses as Asian equities outperformed Wall Street on Thursday as FED may pause the rate of interest.

Early trading saw a 0.8% increase in MSCI's largest index of Asia-Pacific equities

The S&P 500 futures increased by 0.2%, while the Nasdaq futures increased by 0.3%

In response to the impending global recession, the Bank of Korea reduced its rate of tightening

The futures market predicts a 76% chance of an increase in federal funds rate of 50 basis points to 4.25%-4.5% 

Unemployment claims rose more than anticipated last week, and corporate activity shrank in the U.S.A.

Manufacturing activity in Japan shrank at its sharpest rate in two years in November.

COVID cases in China grew rapidly

China's cabinet promised more stimulus economy may reduce in the country's banks' reserve requirement ratio

The index for the US dollar against a basket of currencies was at 105.89 on Thursday, failing to recover overnight losses of 1%.

After falling more than 3% on Wednesday, U.S. crude oil futures declined 0.2% to $77.79 a barrel 

Futures for Brent crude decreased 0.15% to $85.26.

Long-term U.S. Treasuries increased in value overnight. 

The yields on 10-year notes plunged to a large 79-basis-point gap to two-year yields

The plunged in LTB is an indication that significant economic slump in the months to come.

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