Google AI team developed AI to recognize and predict Smells

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A technological instrument developed by American researchers seeks to recognize and replicate various odors.

The technology was developed and tested by Google, academic institutions, and the Monell Chemical Senses Center researchers.

According to scientists, we use sensory maps to distinguish and quantify scents in a manner like how we distinguish and quantify colors.

The human eye only has three color-sensing receptors, the human nose has more than three hundred.

A computer processing system designed to resemble the human brain is known as a neural network.

The newly created technology is referred to as a "primary odor map" by the Google AI team. 

The neural network model frequently beat human volunteers in odour detection tests, according to the research team.

The researchers hope that this discovery could lead to the development of repellents, reducing the diseases such as malaria and saving lives.!

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