The Netherlands

A small nation that ranks second in the world for agricultural exports

The Netherlands, a small country, benefited from modern technologies to grow into a giant food exporter.

By utilising developments in robots, seed technology, and vertical farming, the Netherlands has emerged as a leader.

Annual production in the Netherlands includes 104 million chickens, thirteen million pigs, and four million cows.

Around 24,000 acres of crops are being grown in greenhouses throughout the country.

In a greenhouse, one acre can be used to grow what would require ten acres of conventional soil farming

The average amount of water used worldwide to cultivate about a pound of tomatoes is more than 28 gallons, whereas Dutch farms barely use a half gallon

The Netherlands is home to significant research and development facilities for fifteen of the top twenty Agri - food companies

Nevertheless, there are difficulties because the greenhouse business in Western Europe desperately needs lower gas prices

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