The Free Online Courses by IMF & IBRD

The free online courses offered by the IMF and the World Bank (IBRD) are especially suitable for finance and economics students.)

Financial Market Analysis is a course offered by the IMF that teaches the essential financial concepts for both investors and policymakers.

This IMF course on macro-econometric forecasting teaches students how to develop and evaluate forecasting models for predicting macroeconomic variables like inflation and economic growth.

Learn about the global climate action framework, the science and economics of climate change, and how the IMF responds to these issues.

Public Financial Management, was created to teach What is the budget cycle for the government?

How should governments create budgets that are focused on policy? How can we make governments answerable?

You can choose the course that best suits your needs from the selection of others that are offered on the IMF's official website.

The "Open Learning Campus (OLC)" of the World Bank equips individuals with the necessary skills.

The focus of the Open Learning Campus platform of the World Bank Group is on how improved learning, contributes to effective global development.

The OLC is developed to take on the most difficult development issues, where various audiences can learn at their own speed and acquire the knowledge they need.

The World Bank offers courses such as, Measuring Income and Wealth Through Household Surveys, Measuring Consumption Through Household Surveys.

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