Twitter in Shambles

According to estimates from Similarweb, Twitter has 6.9 billion monthly visitors, slightly higher than Instagram's 6.4 billion, but much less than Google, YouTube, or Facebook.

Elon Musk decimated the team and this week issued an ultimatum to those who were left, telling them to work long hours and be "very hardcore" or quit.

At least 1,200 full-time employees are believed to have quit after hundreds of them opted for the latter and left through the door

After a wave of layoffs this month, Twitter's 7,500 full-time employees—down from 7,500 at the end of October—have been reduced to about 3,700.

How Twitter can continue to operate following the drastic drop in its workforce in such a short period of time may now be the most important question

Problems could arise if too many seasoned staff leave, leaving Twitter without the knowledge or personnel needed to monitor or promptly address issues

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