Upcoming recession of 2023

In a study of leading economists conducted by the WEF, seven out of ten participants believed that a worldwide recession was at least somewhat likely to occur in 2023

The likelihood of a global recession in 2017 has increased to 98.1 percent, according to a Florida-based research company known for its Global Recession Probability Model

This is the highest probability since the 2020 global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic-related downturn

Given the continued strength of the labor market and the still-low unemployment rate, it appears that we are most likely experiencing a different type of recession

The economy is clearly in a slump, and the impending recession is likely to make things worse

There is no doubt that inflation is high, and people are having to pay more for necessities like food and utilities as well as the new or used car they want to purchase

On the positive side, economists note that American companies are still hiring and that consumers are still part of the economy

The US economy created 315,000 new jobs

The unemployment rate back to its pre-pandemic level. Usually, a strong job market in the United States does not correlate with a recession

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